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What was ‘Sangam’ in ancient India?
1. Sangha or Mandal of Tamil poets.
2. Tamil King’s court poets
3. Tamil settlement
4. Mesolithic graves

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Sangha or Mandal of Tamil poets.

The Correct Answer is Sangha or Mandal of Tamil poets.

  • From the 6th century BCE to the 3rd century CE, the Sangam period encompassed ancient Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and parts of Sri Lanka (then known as Tamilakam).
  • It was named after the illustrious Madurai-based Sangam academies of poets and scholars.
  • The word Tamilakam referred to the entire ancient Tamil-speaking region, roughly corresponding to what is now known as southern India, and included the present-day Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, parts of Andhra Pradesh, parts of Karnataka, and northern Sri Lanka, also known as Eelam.
  • There were three Sangam periods, according to Tamil legends: Head Sangam, Middle Sangam, and Last Sangam.
  • Historians refer to the last of these as the Sangam age, with the first two being legendary. As a result, it's also known as the Last Sangam Period or the Third Sangam Period.
  • Every period's Sangam literature is thought to have been created in three Sangam academies.
  • Between 600 BCE and 300 CE, the three Tamil dynasties of Pandya, Chola, and Chera, as well as a few independent chieftains were known as the Velir, ruled Tamilakam.

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