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A monkey can climb 6 meters in a minute on a circular pole, which is 21 meters high. But it slips 3 meters in the next one minute. How long will it take for the monkey to reach the top of the pole?
1. 10 minutes
2. 11 minutes
3. 12 minutes
4. 13 minutes

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : 11 minutes


The height of a pole = 21 meters

A monkey covers distance in 1 minute = 6 meters 


Net distance travelled by monkey in 2 min = 3 meters

In 10 min. distance travelled (climbed) = 15 meters

As, it is given in the question that in first minute it climbed 6 meters and in other minute it slips down 3 meters 

And this happens alternately.

So monkey will travel remaining 6 meters in next minute.

∴ Total time taken is (10 + 1) = 11 minute. 

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