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What is the energy of an electron that is revolving in the second orbit of the hydrogen?
1. - 1.51 eV
2. - 3.4 eV
3. - 13.6 eV
4. - 15.1 eV

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : - 3.4 eV


  • Every electron revolves around the nucleus in the orbits.
  • The nucleus is positively charged and the electrons that revolve around the nucleus are negatively charged, so they attract each other.
  • Bohr was the scientist who gave an explanation of Hydrogen.
  • Bohr's model of hydrogen is based on the assumption that electrons travel in specific shells, or orbits, around the nucleus.
  • Bohr's model calculated the energy of an electron revolving on different orbits (n):

E = \(- \frac{13.6}{n^2}\) eV

Where n is the orbit number in which the electron is moving.


Given that the electron is in 2nd orbit; n = 2

  • The energy of an electron at nth orbit is given by:

\(\Rightarrow E =- \frac{13.6}{n^2} \, eV\)

  • So, the energy of an electron at the 2nd orbit will be:

\(\Rightarrow E=- \frac{13.6}{2^2}=-3.4 \, eV\)

​Hence the correct answer is option 2.

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