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The Golden Rule is basic to every system of ethics ever devised and everyone accepts it in some form or other. It is, therefore, undeniably sound moral principle.

It involves the fallacy of

1. Argumentum ad populum
2. Argumentum ad Verecundiam
3. Argumentum ad Misericordiam
4. Argumentum ad Ignoratiam

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Argumentum ad populum

The correct answer is Argumentum ad populum.

  • Argumentum ad populum is a Latin term meaning "appeal to the people".
    • It is an informal fallacy.
    • It says that something is right because the majority believes it true.
    • Example: Everyone drives at the same speed, so it shouldn't against the law.

  • Argumentum ad Verecundiam:
    • It is also known as "appeal to authority".
    • In this, the opinion of an authority on a subject is used as proof to support an argument.
  • Argumentum ad Misericordiam:
    • It is also known as an "appeal to pity".
    • In this, the person tries to win an argument or idea by exploiting the opponent's feelings or ideas.
  • Argumentum ad Ignoratiam:
    • It is also known as an "appeal to Ignorance".
    • It says an argument is false because it is not yet proved true and an argument is true because it is not yet proved false.

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