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While sowing seeds, the fertilizer commonly used contains?
1. Calcium
2. Potash
3. Phosphorus
4. Nitrates

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Phosphorus

The correct answer is Phosphorous.

  • While sowing seeds, the fertilizer commonly used contains phosphorous.
  • It helps a plant convert other nutrients into usable building blocks with which to grow.
  • To correct soil’s phosphorus deficiency using organic fertilizer, a bone meal or rock phosphate can be used.

  • Fertilizers are chemical substances supplied to the crops to increase their productivity and crop yield.
    • Timing fertilization with peak nutrient uptake demand is essential for optimizing both yield and quality.
    • Phosphorous should be applied immediately before or at planting due to its immobility in soil.
    • The most commonly used phosphatic fertilizers are Diammonium Phosphate (DAP).

  • Nitrogen is the main constituent of chlorophyll that maintains a balance in the process of photosynthesis.
    • Nitrogen is also a part of amino acids in plants and constitutes protein.
    • Urea is the most important nitrogenous fertilizer in the market, with the highest Nitrogen content (about 46 percent).
    • Nitrogen-based fertilizers are ammonium nitrate (AN) and calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN), ammonium sulphate and ammonium sulphate nitrate.
  • Potassium is associated with the movement of water, nutrients and carbohydrates in plant tissue.
    • Potassium fertilizers include Potassium chloride (KCl), Potassium sulphate (K2SO4) or sulphate of potash (SOP), Potassium nitrate (KNO3), known as KN.

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