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Who was the father of Ashoka?
1. Chandragupta Maurya
2. Brihadratha
3. Bindusara
4. Kunala

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Bindusara

The correct answer is Bindusara.

  • Bindusara was the father of Ashoka.

  • Ashoka was the third ruler of the Maurya dynasty.
    • He ruled from  268 to 232 BC
    • Ashoka was also known as ‘Chandaashoka’ as he killed his brothers to get the throne.
    • He promoted Buddhism across India and Asia.
    • He made Buddhism his state religion.
    • He sent his daughter Sanghamitra and son Mahinda to Ceylon for propagating Buddhism.
    • He built a lion Stambh i.e.  Ashok Stambh.
    • Ashok Stambh of Sarnath is accepted as the national emblem of India.
    • Ashoka had built many pillars, rock edicts like Bharhut stupa, Dhamek Stupa, and Mahabodhi Temple.
    • He is best known for his renunciation of war after the war of Kalinga (261 BC).

  • Maurya dynasty was established by Ashoka's grandfather Chandragupta Maurya.
    • Chandragupta defeated the last ruler of the Nanda dynasty, Dhana Nand in 321 BC.
    • The capital of the Mauryan empire was Magadha.
    • He signed a treaty with Seleucus Nicator acquiring Baluchistan, eastern Afghanistan and the region to the west of Indus In 305 BC.
    • He married Nicator's daughter.
    • Megasthenes was the Greek ambassador at Chandragupta’s court.
    • He reigned from 321 BC to 297 BC.
    • He abdicated the throne for Bindusara and went to Karnataka with Jain monk Bhadrabahu.
  • Bindusara
    • Son of Chandragupta.
    • He ruled from 297 BC to 273 BC.
    • He is called Amitraghata (Slayer of foes).
    • Deimachus was a Greek ambassador at his court.

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