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Directions: The question consists of a statement and two inferences. The student must first determine whether each statement is true. Choose the appropriate answer after reading the statement carefully.

Statement: Himachal Pradesh received less snow and rain this winter. After, winter the melt-water from glaciers and the snow cover regularly feeds the groundwater as well as other downhill water sources such as springs, wells lakes, streams, etc. But water sources have already started drying up this year due to deficient snowfall.


I.Himachal Pradesh is likely to face a water crisis in this season.

II.People in Himachal Pradesh cannot rely on Tourism as a source of occupation anymore.

1. If only I follows.
2. If only II follows.
3. If both I and II follow.
4. If  neither I nor II follows.
5. If either I or II follows.

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : If only I follows.

Correct option 1.If only I follows.

The passage states  that Himachal has received less rainfall and snowfall this season because of which water levels in different bodies and underground water table has gone low.

From what has been supplied it can be concluded that the state is likely to face a water crisis this season.Therefore,inference I follows.

But,from what is given it cannot be concluded that Tourism does not remain reliant as a source of occupation for people any more.The activity may get influenced in some way but cannot get completely stalled because of the issue.Therefore, inference II does not follows.

Hence,option 1 is correct.

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