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An athlete runs before long jump to get advantage of _________.
1. Inertia of motion
2. Frictional Force
3. Acceleration
4. Impulse

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Inertia of motion

The correct answer is Inertia of Motion.

  • By doing this an athlete gets forward momentum to get a good long jump.
  • Inertia: The property of an object to resist any change in its state of motion along a straight line or rest.
  • The inertia of Motion: If an object resists the change in its state of motion, its inertia is called inertia of motion.


  • Frictional Force
    • When a body slides or rolls over another body or on a surface then a force opposing the motion acts between those surfaces of the body which are in contact is known as Frictional Force.
    • Walking will not be possible without frictional force.
    • The brakes of the vehicles will not work without frictional force.
  • Acceleration
    • It is the time rate of change of velocity of a body.
    • It is a vector quantity.
    • Its SI unit is m/s2.
  • Impulse
    • If a large force is acting on a body for a very short time, then the product of this force and time is known as an impulse.
    • It is a vector quantity.
    • Its SI unit is N-s or Kg-m/s

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