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Which of the following is a reversible change?
1. Curdling of milk
2. Melting of ice
3. Burning of wood
4. Ripening of fruits

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Melting of ice

The correct answer is Melting of ice.

  • Melting of ice is a reversible change.
  • As an ice cube melts, its shape changes as it acquires the ability to flow. However, its composition does not change.
  • Melting is an example of a physical change.
  • Physical changes can further be classified as reversible or irreversible.
  • The melted ice cube may be refrozen, so melting is a reversible physical change.

  • The Curdling of milk is an example of the denaturation of the protein.
  • Burning wood is an example of a chemical reaction in which wood in the presence of heat and oxygen is transformed into carbon dioxide, water vapour, and ash.
  • During the ripening of fruits or growing of plants into a tree, a chemical change occurs which helps in the ripening and growing of plants into a tree and cannot be reversed.

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