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By _______, transient state stability is generally improved.
1. using low inertia machines
2. using high speed governors on machines
3. dispensing with neutral grounding
4. either "using low inertia machines" or "dispensing with neutral grounding"

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : using high speed governors on machines

Transient stability: Transient stability is the ability of the power system to maintain synchronism when subjected to a severe transient disturbance.

Transient stability of the system can be improved by

  • Increasing the system voltage
  • Increase in the X/R ratio
  • Using high-speed governors on machines
  • High-speed circuit breakers help to clear the fault as quickly as possible
  • By turbine fast valving
  • High-speed excitation
  • Use of auto re-closing breakers
  • Some of the other ways to improve the transient stability are by employing lightning arresters, high neutral grounding impedance, single pole switching, quick Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs).

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