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Using voting rights during Election is related with which type of value ?
1. Democratic values
2. Fundamental rights
3. Autocratic Values
4. Authoritative 

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Democratic values

Voting can be described as a fundamental concept in the entire democratic process. It is a means to participate in the democratic process. Voting can be described as a foundation of democracy. It can be said that voting makes a system as ‘Democratic’.

Democratic values: 

  • The term Democratic implies that the Constitution of India has an established form of Constitution that gets its authority from the will of the people expressed in an election.
  • Democratic values imply the values of freedom that allows citizens to select their representative.

Fundamental rights: 

  • The Fundamental Rights are defined as basic human freedoms which every Indian citizen has the right to enjoy for the proper and harmonious development of personality.
  • These rights universally apply to all citizens, irrespective of race, place of birth, religion, caste, creed, color, or sex. They are enforceable by the courts, subject to certain restrictions.

Authoritative or Autocratic Values: 

  • An autocratic means the control of the others. A person with autocratic values makes all the decisions with little input from others and the power lies with himself.
  • The phrase most illustrative of autocratic leadership style is, "Do as I say". The command-and-control approach is used by people with autocratic values.

Hence, from the above discussion, we can say Using voting rights during an Election is related to democratic values.

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