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If the length of a rod has becomes half by cutting it, how much load it can bear before breaking as compare to before?
1. double load
2. half load
3. the same as before
4. cannot be determined

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : the same as before


  • Breaking Stress: It is also called ultimate tensile stress. It is the maximum stress a material can stand before it breaks.
  • Tensile stress:  The force applied along a rod divided by the cross-sectional area of the rod perpendicular to the applied force is called tensile stress.
    \(\rm Tensile \ stress = \dfrac{Force}{Cross \ section \ area}\)


  • From the definition, it is clear that the breaking stress of a rod does not depend on its length. So,
  • If we half the length of the rod, the force required to break it will remain the same.
  • So it can bear the same load as before.
  • Hence the correct answer is option 3.

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