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Which of the following statements are correct?

A. Bayyaram Tank Inscription was issued by Mailamba.

B. Motupally Abhaya Shasanam was issued by Rudra Deva.

C. Panditaradhya Charitra was written by Palkurki Somanadha.

D. Purushartha Saram was written by Ranganadha.

1. A and C
2. B and D
3. C and D
4. A and B

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : A and C

The Correct answer is A and C.

  • Bayyaram Tank inscription 1219 A.D.:
    • Bayyaram Tank inscription or Bayyaram Cheruvu inscription was issued by Mailamba, sister of Ganapathi Deva.
    • This inscription is giving information about digging a tank in Bayyaram village, Illendu Mandal, Khammam district, Telangana by Mailamba.
  • ​Panditaradhya Charitra
    • It was written by Palkuriki Somanatha, a great scholar from Telangana.
    • It is an elegy on the life of Mallikarjuna Panditaradhya, Scholar.
    • It deals with the emergence of bhakti-centered Saivism in the 12th century and the contribution of Mallikarjuna Panditaradhya to society.

  • Motupalli inscription 1244 A.D.
    • Also known as Motupalli Abhaya Varthaka Shaasanam.
    • Motupalli inscription was issued by Ganapathi Deva.
    • This is giving information regarding the remissions to the foreign merchants.
  • Purushartha Saram:
    • It was written by Sivadevayya.

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