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Among the following statements, which one is not correct ?

1. Supreme Court was constituted in 1950.
2. Supreme Court is the highest court of appeal in the country
3. Supreme Court can hear from any court tribunals as well as from court-martial.
4. Supreme Court can hear from any court tribunals except court-martial.

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Supreme Court can hear from any court tribunals as well as from court-martial.

The correct answer is Supreme Court can hear from any court tribunals as well as from court-martial.

  • The Supreme Court was established on 26th January 1950.
  • Article 124 of the Indian Constitution defines the Supreme Court of India. 
  • The Supreme Court of India is the country’s highest judicial court.
  • It is the final court of appeal in the country.
  • Functions of the Supreme Court-
    • It takes up appeals against the verdicts of the High Courts, other courts and tribunals.
    • It settles disputes between various government authorities, between state governments, and between the centre and any state government.
    • It also hears matters which the President refers to it, in its advisory role.
    • The SC can also take up cases suo moto (on its own).
    • The law that SC declares is binding on all the courts in India and on the Union as well as the state governments.
  • Features of the Supreme Court-
    • Its original jurisdiction is confined to federal cases.
    • Its appellate jurisdiction covers constitutional, civil, and criminal cases.
    • It has a very wide discretion to grant special leave to appeal in any matter against the judgment of any court or tribunal (except military).
    • It has advisory jurisdiction.
    • It defends the rights of the citizen according to the ‘procedure established by law’.
    • Its jurisdiction and powers can be enlarged by Parliament.
    • It has the power of judicial superintendence and control over state high courts due to the integrated judicial system.

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