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Which one of these is an Output Device?
1. Webcam
2. Microphone
3. Printer
4. Keyboard

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Printer

The correct answer is Printer.

  • The printer is an output device.

  • An output device is a piece of peripheral computer hardware equipment that receives data from the system and converts it into human-readable form.
    • The most popular output devices are Monitor, Printer, Projector, Speaker, Plotter, Headphone.
  • An Input device enables the user to send data, information, or control signals to a computer.
    • The most popular input devices are Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Microphone, Webcam, Joystick.


  • A printer produces hard copies of the processed data. It enables the user, to print images, text, or any other information onto paper.
  • The printers are of two types: Impact Printers and Non-impact Printers.
    • Impact Printers: The impact printer uses a hammer or print head to print the character or images onto the paper. The hammer or print head strikes or presses an ink ribbon against the paper to print characters and images. The common types of impact printers are Character printers and Line printers.
      • The common types of Character printers are the Dot Matrix printer and Daisy Wheel Printer.
      • The common types of Line printers are Drum printers and Chain printers.
    • Non-impact Printers: Non-impact printers don't print characters or images by striking a print head or hammer on the ink ribbon placed against the paper. They print characters and images without direct physical contact between the paper and the printing machinery. These printers can print a complete page at a time, so they are also known as page printers. The common types of non-impact printers are Laser printers and Inkjet printers.


  • Webcam is an input device as it can take pictures, and can be used to record videos.
  • The pictures and videos are stored in the computer memory and can be displayed on the screen if required.


  • The microphone is a computer input device that is used to input the sound.
  • It receives the sound vibrations and converts them into audio signals or sends them to a recording medium.


  • The keyboard is a basic input device that is used to enter data into a computer or any other electronic device by pressing keys.
  • It has different sets of keys for letters, numbers, characters, and functions.
  • Keyboards are connected to a computer through USB or a Bluetooth device for wireless communication.
  • The three types of keyboards are QWERTY, AWERTY, and DVORAK.

  • The printer was invented by Johannes Gutenberg.
  • The webcam was invented by DrQuentin Stafford-Fraser and Paul Jardetzky.
  • The keyboard was invented by Christopher Sholes.

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