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All the works of Shakespeare cannot be read in a day. Hamlet is a work of Shakespeare. Therefore Hamlet cannot be read in a day.

This involves the fallacy of 

1. Division
2. Composition
3. Petitio principii
4. None of the above

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Division

The correct answer is Division.

  • Division:
    • It is a reverse of the Fallacy of Composition.
    • In this fallacy, what is true about whole parts of an object, then it is true for the parts of the whole.
    • Example: The boys in my neighbourhood like to play cricket. So my new neighbour, John, will like to play cricket with them.

  • Petitio Principii  
    • It is also called 'Begging the Question'.
    • In this fallacy, the person assumes the conclusion is true without any proof supporting it.
    • Example: Wine cannot be injurious to health, for if it had been so doctors would not have prescribed it.
      • ​This example, says that Wine can be consumed as it doesn't have any proof of ill effects on health.
    • Composition:
      • It is the reverse of the Fallacy of Division.
      • In this fallacy, what is true or correct about some parts of an object, then it is applied to whole parts of the object.
      • Example: Because all of the components of this car are heavy, then the car itself must also be heavy. 

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