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The 'Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI)' is established for the education of which type of children ?
1. Delinquent children
2. Children with special needs
3. Gifted children
4. Creative children

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Children with special needs

Rehabilitation Council of India, commonly known as RCI, is a statutory body of government. It regulates the training programs and courses for the education of disabled, disadvantaged, and special children.

  • Children with special needs refer to those children who have special educational needs due to learning and physical disabilities. 
  • Special education is instruction designed for students with disabilities or talents, who also have special learning needs. Some of these students have difficulties in formal institutions so they need special education provisions to function in their classrooms.

Aims of Rehabilitation Council of India in the context of Special Education:

  • To help the learners function as independently as possible.
  • To regulate training policies and programs in the field of disability rehabilitation.
  • To standardize training courses for professionals working with people with disabilities.
  • To train individuals through the vocational method so that they can carry on an independent life.

Hence, it could be concluded that the 'Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI)' is established for the education of Children with special needs.


  • Gifted children refer to the children who perform tasks extraordinarily when compared with others of their peer group.
  • Creative children have divergent thinking, curious in nature, exceptional from normal children, have I.Q ≥ 120, and is able to find solutions for different problems on their own.
  •  A delinquent child is a child of a certain age, who has violated a criminal law or engaged in a disobedient and against the social rules and regulations.

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