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Which test is used to know the learning problems of students after classroom teaching?
1. Diagnostic Test
2. Achievement tests
3. Unit test
4. Formative test

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Diagnostic Test

Learning problem refers to a state when a person faces difficulty in learning. It may be due to physical limitations/disabilities such as - impairment in hearing, visual, low intellectual functioning, and inappropriate motor coordination.

Diagnostic test refers to the test which helps the teachers to know the learning problems or gaps in learner's understanding and identify learner's strengths, weaknesses, skills, etc. 

Steps of Diagnostic Testing:

  • Identifying students who are having trouble.
  • Locating the errors and learning difficulties/gaps
  • Discovering the causal factors of slow learning.
  • Removing learning difficulties through remedial teaching


The Purpose of Diagnostic Test:

  • This test helps to know the gaps in children’s understanding.
  • It is specially conducted for removing the learning difficulties of learners. 
  • The diagnostic test enables the educator and students to recognize issues that they have with the subject.
  • It is a comprehensive test that provides feedback to teachers and students on their strengths and weaknesses. 
  • This test provides a way to identify the part which makes the child slow down in the learning process and provide appropriate feedback to the child.

Hence, from the above-mentioned points, it becomes clear that a diagnostic test is used to know the learning problems of students after classroom teaching.


Achievement tests: 

  • They are conducted to check or measure the acquired skill, knowledge, or information after the completion of a lesson/unit.
  • It is an ability test that describes what a person has learned.

Formative test:

  • It is a type of assessment that refers to monitor learners' progress throughout the teaching-learning process to diagnose learner's learning difficulties. 
  • Oral testing, anecdotal records, portfolios, class test, etc. are the tools of formative assessment.
Unit test:
  • They are taken during the course of instruction of all the specified content in a particular class.
  • Unit tests are used to evaluate the formative assessment of the teaching-learning process.

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