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Who introduced the five steps system in preparation lesson planning ?
1. Terman
2. Binet
3. Herbert
4. Bloom

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Herbert

The Lesson Plan refers to the outline of the lesson prepared by the teacher to bring forward the lesson in a coherent way. The lesson plan is to create an objective, that is, a statement of purpose for the whole lesson.

  • The five stepped system of lesson planning was started by J. Friedrich Herbert, a German psychologist. His five-stage system of lesson planning involves five discrete steps including preparation, presentation, association, generalization, and application.
  • This is also known as Herbartian's five steps, these steps are used for the students for receiving new knowledge in educational fields.
  • J. Friedrich Herbert strongly believed that when a topic is properly presented to the students they associate that topic with their existing ideas and learn in a coherent way.
  • According to Herbert, these steps would make the students able to acquire, assimilate, and apply knowledge efficiently.

Let's understand the five stages advocated by him for lesson planning:

  • Preparation: It refers to the process of activating previous knowledge of the learners to receive the new one.
  • Presentation: It refers to present the concept using concrete objects for a quality experience
  • Association: It refers to the process of comparing new knowledge with the previous knowledge to be familiar with the differences in order to assimilate the new one.
  • Generalization: it refers to arrive at general ideas or necessary conclusion by comparing learning materials presented by the teacher.
  • Application: It refers to use of acquired knowledge by the learners in real-life for a better understanding and meaningful learning.

Hence, it could be concluded that J. Friedrich Herbert introduced the five steps system in preparation lesson planning.

  • Terman is known for revising the Binet-Simon test into the Stanford-Binet Intelligence test.
  • The first intelligence test was developed by French psychologist Alfred Binet.
  • B.S. Bloom has proposed a taxonomy which is a set of three hierarchical models that refers to the classification of educational learning objectives.

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