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Under the same conditions, which of the following shapes of water surface will give the highest rate of evaporation?
1. flat water surface
2. convex water surface
3. concave water surface
4. evaporation is independent of shape of water surface

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : convex water surface


Evaporation is defined as the process in which the liquid changes to the gases state at the free surface, below the boiling point through the transfer of heat energy.

It is a cooling process in which latent heat of vaporization is provided by the water body itself.

The rate of evaporation is dependent on the following factors –

1. The vapour pressures at water surface and air above (Vapour Pressure ↑ ⟹ Evaporation ↓).

2. Air and water temperatures (Temperature ↑⟹ Evaporation↑).

3. Wind speed (Wind Speed ↑⟹ Evaporation ↑)

4. Atmospheric pressure (Atmospheric Pressure ↑ ⟹ Evaporation ↓).

5. Quality of water (Quality↑⟹ Soluble Salts↓⟹Evaporation↑)

6. Size of the water body (Size↑⟹Surface Area↑⟹Evaporation↑).

7. Depth of water (Depth↑⟹Evaporation↓).


For convex water surface depth of water will be minimum, thus higher evaporation.

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