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The bark of this tree is used to cure various medical ailments, it is also known for its cooling properties. The tree is known as the king of the desert and is the State tree of Rajasthan. Which tree is being referred to:
1. Prosopis cineraria (khejri)
2. Ficus religiosa (peepal)
3. Ficus indica (prickly pear)
4. Aloe vera

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Prosopis cineraria (khejri)


  • Most part of Rajasthan lies on the leeward side of Aravalis and receive little or no rainfall.
  • The Great Indian Desert or the Thar desert spreads in Rajasthan
  • Thus, plants growing here are adapted to dry and arid climatic conditions
  • The plants usually have reduced leaves and the main function of their stem is to store water


  • Prosopis cineraria(khejri), Aloe vera, Ficus indica(peepal) and Opuntia(prickly pear) are some common plants found in Rajasthan
  • Of these Khejri is the state tree of Rajasthan
  • It is known for its medicinal properties and its bark is known for its cooling properties.
  • Opuntia and Aloe vera are succulents and their stems are specialised to store water
  • Aloe vera is also known for its medical properties and is especially useful in gastric disorders
  • Peepal is known for the religious and traditional significance it holds

∴Khejri is known as the King of Desert and is the State tree of Rajasthan. Its bark is used to cure medical ailments and is known for its cooling properties

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