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The Chief Justice and other Judges of the Indian Supreme Court are appointed by

1. The President
2. The Attorney General
3. The Governor
4. The Prime Minister

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : The President

​The correct answer is President


  • The Supreme Court stands at the apex of the judicial system of the country.
    • Article 124 provides for the establishment and constitution of the Supreme court.
    • Established as the Supreme court of India on 28th January 1950.
    • Also known as the 'guardian of our Constitution.
    • Also known as 'court of record'.
  • The Chief Justice and other Judges of the Indian Supreme Court are appointed by the President
  • The power to increase or decrease the number of judges of the supreme court rests with the Parliament.
  • After the appointment of the new four justices on 18 September 2019, the strength of the Supreme court increases from 30 to 34.
  • The chief justice of India is the head of the Supreme Court of India.
  • The appointment of judges other than the chief justice, the chief justice of India shall always be consulted.


  • The Judges of the Supreme Court can be removed only by the Parliament by the procedure established by Law.
    • A judge of the Supreme Court or High Court can be removed only on the ground of proven misbehavior or incapacity.
    • A motion containing the charges against the judge must be approved by a special majority in both Houses of Parliament.
    • After the motion is passed by both the houses by a special majority, it will be sent to the President.
    • Finally, the President gives his order of removal to the judge concerned.


  • The Attorney General of India is the highest law officer in the country.
    • The Attorney General of India is appointed by the President.
  • The governor is the chief executive head of the state.
    • Governor is appointed by the President.
  • The Prime minister is the keystone of the Cabinet arch.
    • The Prime minister is appointed by the President.

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