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Which of the following decision making style takes longer time?
1. Analytical style
2. Behavioural style
3. Directive style
4. None of the above

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Analytical style

The correct answer is Analytical style.

  • Not all situations can be handled with the same style. Some situation demand to be viewed from an emotional approach and some situation demand to be viewed from a logical stance.
  • More often than not, many individuals like to take the same stance in every situation.
  • The decision-making style can be broadly classified into these styles-
    • Directive
    • Analytical
    • Behavioural
    • Conceptual
  • Directive style
    • The decision is made based on clear, undisputed facts and impersonal rules and procedures.
    • The individuals who follow this style trust their own senses and short, focused reports from others.
    • They typically react quickly and does not like to dwell on decisions.
  • Analytical style
    • These decision-makers examine much information before taking action.
    • Unlike directive decision-makers, an analytic decision-maker will seek information and advice from others to confirm or deny their own knowledge. 
    • This style is a well-rounded approach to decision-making but can be time-consuming.
  • Behavioural style
    • The individuals under this style are a team-player.
    • They focus on the feelings and welfare of group members and other social aspects of work.
    • They evaluate information emotionally and intuitively.
  • Conceptual style
    • These decision-makers are creative, exploratory, interested in novelty and comfortable taking risks.
    • They deduce the situation with 'what ifs'.
    • They are conscious of how the decision will affect others.
    • They encourage creative thinking and collaboration and consider a broad array of perspectives.

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