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The Wheatstone bridge is widely used for precision measurement of resistance:

A) from 1 Ω to few MΩ

B) very low resistance

C) very high resistance

D) 1 mΩ - 10 kΩ

E) 0.1Ω - 100 kΩ

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. (A) only
2. (A) and (B) only
3. (B) and (C) only
4. (D) and (E) only

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : (A) only

Wheatstone is used for the measurement of a medium value range of resistance from 1 Ω to a few M Ω.

Type of Bridge

Name of Bridge/Method

Used to measure


DC Bridges

Wheatstone bridge

Medium resistance

1Ω to
few MΩ

Corey foster’s bridge

Medium resistance

1Ω to
few MΩ

Kelvin double bridge

Very low resistance

Below 1Ω


Loss of charge method

High resistance




High insulation resistance

Resistance of cables

AC Bridges

Maxwell’s inductance bridge


Not suitable to measure Q

Maxwell’s inductance capacitance bridge


Suitable for medium Q coil (1 < Q < 10)

Hay’s bridge


Suitable for high Q coil (Q > 10), slowest bridge

Anderson’s bridge


5-point bridge, accurate and fastest bridge (Q < 1)

Owen’s bridge


Used for measuring low Q coils

Heaviside mutual inductance bridge

Mutual inductance


Campbell’s modification of Heaviside bridge

Mutual inductance


De-Sauty’s bridge


Suitable for perfect capacitor

Schering bridge


Used to measure relative permittivity, dielectric loss

Wein’s bridge

Capacitance and frequency

Harmonic distortion analyzer, used as a notch filter, used in audio and high-frequency applications

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