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Titan is the moon of which planet ?
1. Venus
2. Neptune
3. Mercury
4. Saturn

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Saturn

The correct answer is Saturn.

  • Titan is the second-largest moon in our solar system and is Saturn's largest moon.

  • It is an icy world whose surface is completely obscured by a golden hazy atmosphere.
  • Titan is bigger than planet Mercury and Earth's moon.
  • Jupiter's moon Ganymede is 2% larger than Titan and is the largest moon of our solar system.
  • Titan’s atmosphere is primarily nitrogen and a small amount of methane.
  • It is known to have an earthlike cycle of liquids raining from clouds, flowing across its surface, filling lakes and seas, and evaporating back into the sky.

  • Venus and Mercury do not have any moons.
  • Neptune has 14 moons of which Triton is the largest moon.

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