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What is the value of the following MS-Excel formula?  

=MOD(11, 3) 

1. 3 
2. 4
3. 5
4. 2

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : 2

The correct answer is 2.

  • MOD function gives the remainder when a number is divided by a divisor.

  • In mathematics, this operation is known as the modulo operation or modulus, Here it is known as MOD.
  • The symbol is %.For example, MOD (10, 3) = 1.
  • The result of MOD carries the same sign as it is categorized in maths.
  • It can be used in an Excel sheet.
  • As a worksheet function, the MOD function can also be entered as part of the formula in a cell of a worksheet.
  • It is the absolute value (or modulus) |x| of a real number x namely, |x| = x for a positive x, |x| = − x for a negative x, and |0|.

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