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Manali and Himali started working on a project and they can complete the project in 30 days. Manali worked for 16 days and Himali completed the remaining work in 44 days. How many days would Himali have taken to complete the entire project all by herself?
1. 45 days
2. 30 days
3. 60 days
4. 75 days

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : 60 days


Manali and Himali together takes = 30 days

Manali worked for = 16 days

Himali completed the remaining work in = 44 days


Let the work done by Manali in 1 day be x

Let the work done by Himali in 1 day be y

∴ x + y = 1/30      ----(i)

⇒ 16x + 44y = 1      ----(ii)

∴ Solving equation (i) and (ii),

⇒ x = 1/60

⇒ y = 1/60

Himali can complete the entire work in 60 days.

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