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The Following question are based on time, day and date, calendar and clock.

An accurate clock shows the time as 3.00. After the hour hand has moved 135o, the time would be

1. 6.30
2. 7.30
3. 8.00
4. 9.30

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : 7.30

A clock completes a full rotation in 12 hours i.e., in 12 hours a clock covers an angle of 360o.

Therefore, time taken to cover an angle of 135o = (12/360 × 135) hours 

= 4.5 hours

= 4 hours 30 minutes

So, 3.00 + 4 hours 30 minutes

= 7 hours 30 minutes 

So, the clock which shows accurate time as 3.00, will show 7.30 after the hour hand has moved 135o.

Hence, ‘7.30’ is the correct answer.

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