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Make a project about the different sectors of economy of our state and find the total income of your state. Compare all sector

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Major Sector of Indian Economy

Primary Sector
Overview:The primary sector of Indian economy depends directly on natural resources to execute the various processes and manufacture the goods and services needed to keep the whole operation going. 

Examples of primary sector:In India, agriculture is the biggest example of the primary sector. However, forestry and fishing can also be cited as other examples of this particular sector.

Secondary Sector

OverviewIn the secondary sector of the national economy, natural ingredients are used to create products and services that are consequently used for consumption. This sector can be regarded as one that adds value to the products and services on offer. 

Examples:The major examples of this sector are manufacturing and transporting.

Tertiary Sector

OverviewIndian economy’s tertiary sector is also referred to as service sector that plays an important role in development of the other two sectors. Like the secondary sector it also provides value addition for a product.

The economy of Bihar is largely service-oriented, but it also has a significant agricultural base. The state also has a small industrial sector. As of 2012, agriculture accounts for 22%, industry 5% and service 73% of the economy of the state For the period 2002-2007, average growth rate of Manufacturing in the state was 0.38%, against the national average of 7.8%. Bihar has the lowest GDP per capita in India, but there are pockets of higher per capita income like the southern half of the state and its capital city, Patna, had per capita income greater than that of Bangalore or Hyderabad in 2008.

Economy of Bihar
GDP ₹6.32 lakh crore (US$98 billion) (2017-18 est.)
GDP rank 12th

GDP growth


GDP per capita

₹26,801 (US$420) (2016)

GDP per capita rank


GDP by sector

Agriculture 18%
Industry 23%
Services 59% (2016)

Labour force by occupation

Agriculture 56%
Industry 8%
Services 36% (2015)
Public finances

Public debt

19.78% of GSDP (2017-18 est.)
Revenues ₹1.37 lakh crore (US$21 billion) (2017-18 est.)
Expenses ₹1.60 lakh crore (US$25 billion) (2017-18 est.)



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