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Compaction of granular soils are generally done by:
1. vibratory rollers
2. trenching machine
3. grader
4. clamshell

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : vibratory rollers


Vibratory Roller: Vibratory type rollers have two smooth wheels/drums plus the vibrators. One is fixed at the front and the other one is on the rear side of the vibratory roller. Vibration is to reduce the air voids and to cause densification of granular soils. During the vibration of the soil layer, rearrangement of particles occurs due to the deformation of the granular soil because of the oscillation of the roller in a cycle.

Suitability of Compaction Equipment

Type of equipment

Suitability of soil type

Nature of the project

Vibratory rollers Sands Embankments for oil storage tanks, etc.

Rammers or tampers

All soils

In confined areas such as fills behind retaining walls, basement walls, etc. Tench fills

Smooth wheeled rollers

Crushed rocks, gravels, sands

Roads construction etc.

Pneumatic tyred rollers

Sands, gravels silts, clayey soils, not suitable for uniformly graded soil

Base, sub-base and embankment compaction for highways, airfields, etc, Earth dams

Sheepsfoot rollers

Clayey soil

The core of earth dams

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