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A mistaken identity led to discovery of a new one for the rattrap peddler. How did this impact him?

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The mistaken identity helped him clear his conscience and become a better person . It gave him a chance at elevating himself from being a thief. The experience gave him the opportunity to behave in the way expected of a Captain.

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  • I totally agree with the statement that the incident left a huge impact on the rattrap peddler.

  • He changed his ways and thoughts because Edla WIllmansson had been nice to him, treating him with the honor of a Captain, genuine care, and understanding.
  • The peddler got an golden opportunity to raise himself above the petty temptations of the world through his mistaken identity when he signed himself as Captain Von Stahle.
  • He was impacted from the incident enough to understand the world isn't full of unkind people and it wasn't too late to steer on the right path.
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This has a great impact on rattrap peddler . His heart was totally transformed by the kindness of Edla . He decided to work hard and become a well reputed person .

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