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How vermi compost is prepared?

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  • Construct 10 × 1 × ½ metres vermi compost beds in sheds which protect these beds from direct sunlight and rain. 
  • Collect coconut, banana, and sugarcane leaves, coconut coir, and dry black gram plants. 
  • Made them into 3 to 4 inches layer. This layer was wet with water. 
  • Collect house hold waste of dry cattle dung from the village to fill the bed. 
  • After two weeks of making bed, they kept thousand earth worms per square meter andcovered the bed with gunny bags to maintain 30/6 to 40/6 of moisture. After 60 days we can collect our first manure. 
  • Second time, we will get the manure within 40 to 45 days. 
  • Every year we get the manure 6 times from these beds. 
  • Thus, vermi compost is prepared.

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