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According to Alex Inkeles, there are how many models of society?
1. 7
2. 2
3. 5
4. 3

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : 5
  • Alex Inkeles was an American sociologist and social psychologist. One of his main areas of research was the culture and society of the Soviet Union. Since 1962 a group of colleagues at Harvard University have been working to understand the impact on the individual of his participation in the process of modernization.
  • In the pursuit of this goal, devised a complex and comprehensive questionnaire touching on a wide variety of life situations and intended to measure a substantial segment of the range of attitudes, values, and behaviours we conceive as particularly relevant to understanding the individual's participation in the roles typical for a modern industrial society.
  • The school is evidently also an important training ground for inculcating values. It teaches ways of orienting oneself toward others, and of conducting oneself, which could have an important bearing on the performance of one's adult roles in the structure of modern society. 
  • According to Alex Inkeles, there are five models of society.

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