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The name by which Ashoka is generally referred to in his inscription is ___________.
1. Priyadarsi
2. Dharmadeva
3. Chakravarti
4. Dharmakirti

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Priyadarsi

The correct answer is Priyadarsi.

  • A total of 33 inscriptions by the Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan dynasty have been found which were carved by Ashoka in the pillars, rocks, and walls of the caves during the duration from 249 BCE to 231 BCE.

  • The inscriptions of Shahnaz Garhi and Mansehra (Pakistan) are engraved in the script.
  • Chakravarti Emperor Ashoka was a very powerful and world-famous emperor.
  • Emperor Ashoka was also known as Devanampriya Ashoka Maurya.
  • He is known for his efficient administration and the promotion of Buddhism in his empire.
  • The Sanchi stupa is, of course, famous. Sanchi is unique in having the most perfect and well-preserved stupas, and Buddhist art and architecture pertaining to a period of about thirteen hundred years, from the third century BC to the twelfth century AD–almost covering the whole range of Buddhism
  • The foundation of the great religious establishment of Sanchi was probably laid by Ashoka (273–236 BC) when he built a stupa and erected a monolithic pillar here.
  • It was enlarged to twice its original size, becoming a hemisphere of about 120 feet in diameter, in the 2nd century BC, under the Sungas.
  • Stone pillars depicting the life of Buddha are at Gaya, Sanchi, and Barhut.

  • Tripiṭaka is the traditional term for the Buddhist scriptures. 
  • Tripitaka is of three types:
    • Vinay Pitaka rules of monastic discipline for monks.
    • Sutta Pitaka is a collection of Buddha's Sermon.
    • Abhidhamma Pitaka is the philosophy of Buddha's teachings.
  • Chaitya is a place of worship, while Vihara is the dwelling place of the monks.

  • Buddha delivered his first sermon at Sarnath (deer park) to his five disciples.
    • This is known as Dharmachaka Pravartana (turning of the wheel of law).
  • He died at the age of 80 in 483 BC at Kushinagar.
    •  This is known as Mahaparinirvana.

Buddhist councils -

  • The first Buddhist Council - 
    • It was held at Rajagraha under the chairmanship of Mahakasapa immediately after the death of Buddha. 
    • Its purpose was to maintain the purity of the teachings of the Buddha.
  • The second Buddhist Council - 
    • It was convened at Vaisali around 383 B.C. 
    • It was held during the reign of Kalashoka.
  • The third Buddhist Council - 
    • It was held at Pataliputra under the patronage of Asoka. 
    • Moggaliputta Tissa presided over it.
    • The final version of the Tripitakas was completed in this council.
  • The fourth Buddhist Council - 
    • It was convened in Kashmir by Kanishka under the chairmanship of Vasumitra.
    • Asvagosha participated in this council.
    • The new school of Buddhism called Mahayana Buddhism came into existence during this council.
    • The Buddhism preached by the Buddha and propagated by Ashoka was known as Hinayana.

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