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A hard disk is an example of which type of data storage device?
1. Primary Storage
2. Offline Storage
3. Tertiary Storage
4. Secondary Storage

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Secondary Storage

The correct answer is Secondary storage.

  • Secondary storage, also referred to as auxiliary storage, is non-volatile and is used for later retrieval to store data and programs.
  • There are several forms of secondary storage, each with benefits and drawbacks.
  • Either magnetic or optical storage media are used for most storage systems.
  • The hard disk is an example of secondary storage and magnetic media, which is used for storing data and programs in bulk.
  • In the case of the computer, they are normally in-built and therefore are not portable.
  • Some hard drives are reversible, so between machines, they provide easy portable storage.
  • In general, they are efficient and stable, with easy access to stored data.
  • This allows the disk to rotate at even greater speeds than it would otherwise do without distorting the disk surface.

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