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When was the second battle of Panipat fought?
1. 1556
2. 1549
3. 1578
4. 1590

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : 1556

The correct answer is 1556.

  • The Second Battle of Panipat was fought on 5 November 1556, between the Hindu emperor of north India, Hemu, and the Mughal emperor Akbar.
  • It was won by Akbar's generals Khan Zaman I and Bairam Khan.

  • The Third Battle of Panipat took place on 14 January 1761 between the Maratha Empire and the Afghan army supported by three Indian allies the Rohilla, Afghans of the Doab region, and Shuja-ud-Daula.
  • The battle was won by Durrani Empire.
  • The First Battle of Panipat, was fought between Babur and Ibrahim Lodi on 21 April 1526.
  • It took place in north India and marked the beginning of the Mughal Empire and the end of the Delhi Sultanate

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