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NaOH + HCl         > NaCl + H2O

In the given chemical reaction,

1. sodium is oxidized and oxygen is reduced
2. sodium is oxidized and chlorine is reduced
3. sodium and hydrogen are oxidized
4. None of them are oxidized or reduced

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : None of them are oxidized or reduced

The correct answer is None of them are oxidized or reduced.

  •  NaOH + HCl         > NaCl + H2O
    • This reaction is an example of a Neutralization reaction.
    • When an acid and a base react, the reaction is called a neutralization reaction.
  • Positive hydrogen ions from HCl and negative hydroxide ions from NaOH combine to form water.
  • This part of the reaction can be represented by the equation: H+ + OH- → H2O
  • Positive sodium ions from NaOH and negative chloride ions from HCL combine to form the salt sodium chloride (NaCl), commonly called table salt.
  • This part of the reaction can be represented by the equation: Na+ + Cl- → NaCl

Types of chemical reactions Explanation General form
Combination reaction Two or more compounds combine to form one compound. A + B → AB
Decomposition reaction a complex compound breaks down to make simpler ones. AB → A + B
Precipitation reaction Two solutions of soluble salts are mixed resulting in an insoluble solid (precipitate) forming. A + soluble salt B  → Precipitate + soluble salt C
Neutralization reaction An acid and a base react with each other. Generally, the product of this reaction is salt and water. Acid + Base → Salt + Water
Combustion reaction Oxygen combines with a compound to form carbon dioxide and water. A + O2 → H2O + CO2
Displacement reaction One element takes place with another element in the compound. A + BC → AC + B

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