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In protein synthesis, which RNA plays an important role? 
1. m RNA
2. t RNA
3.  i RNA 
4. r RNA 

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : m RNA

The correct answer is m RNA.

  • m stands for messenger Ribose Nucleic Acid.
  • mRNA moves to cytoplasm where protein is made.
    • During this process, the ribosome moves along with it which binds to these mRNA and make specific proteins.
  • They are structural components of Ribosome.
    • Ribosome is responsible for synthesis of protein in a cell.
    • Ribosome was discovered by George E. Palade in 1955.
  • They play an active role in recognizing conserved portions of mRNAs and tRNA.
  • They also assist with the catalysis of protein synthesis.

  • Structure of RNA
    • ​It is a single-stranded biopolymer.
    • It has ribose sugar as sugar group.
    • 4 nitrogen bases - Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Uracil
    • Nucleotides attached with a pentose (five-carbon) sugar.​

  • mRNA - It delivers the information encoded in one or more genes from the DNA to the ribosome, which is then decoded into protein.
  • rRNA - It catalyzes protein synthesis.
  • tRNA - It carries individual amino acids into the ribosome for assembly into the growing polypeptide chain.

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