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How much blood flows through the kidneys per minute?
1. 1 litre
2. 0.75 litre
3. 0.50 litre
4. 0.25 litre

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : 1 litre

The correct answer is 1 litre.

  • Around 1 litre of blood flows through the kidneys per minute.


  • Kidneys are an important organ as it filters excess water and harmful toxins from the blood.
  • Most vertebrates in the animal kingdom have kidneys that essentially perform the same function, however, they greatly differ in structure and the way they perform their function.  
  • Every day, the average human kidney filters about 112 to 144 litres of blood to produce 0.94 to 1.7 litres of urine every day.
  • Around 1 litre of blood flows through the kidneys per minute.
  • Kidneys also produce hormones that regulate various bodily functions.
  • Renin is one such hormone that regulates blood pressure.
  • The basic, functional unit of kidneys are called nephrons and they help in filtering blood.
  • The kidneys are made up of millions of nephrons.
  • Kidney stone is a condition where minerals present in the urine clump or become crystalize, growing large enough to block the flow of urine.
  • The average human kidney is no bigger than a closed fist and weighs just under 0.4kgs.
  • Scientists have estimated that the number of nephrons present in the kidneys starts falling at 1% per year.
  • Once kidney disease sets in, it cannot be reversed, its effects can only be slowed down.

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