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How were clothes of the 18th century all over the world different from clothes of the 19th century?

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1. In France, in the 18th century sumptuary laws controlled the clothing style. After the French Revolution, it was the income, the difference between the rich and poor which decided what people were to wear

2. In England and America and other European countries, women from childhood, as young girls were tightly laced and dressed in stays. As women they had to wear tight fitting corsets and flowing gowns sweeping the ground.

3. The nineteenth century simplified dresses, shortened them and banned the corsets. Clothes got lighter, shorter and simpler. The two world wars brought in trousers and blouses for women giving them greater freedom of movement

4. Skirts became shorter, frills disappeared. Women now went for short hair as it was convenient and easy to maintain.

5. In India, the western style clothing came in the 19th century. The wealthy Parsis were the first to adopt it. It was also attractive to Dalit. The dress code in India was much under the influence of strict codes of caste system. The Swadeshi movement and national feelings also set the dress code of Indians.

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