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Discuss how society and clothes are linked.

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1. The history of clothing is linked to the larger history of society. Clothing is defined by dominant cultural attitude and ideal of beauty.

2. These notions change with time. Change in clothing has come due to changes within technology and economy and pressures of changing times. Changes in women’s clothing came as a result of the two world wars.

3. Women stopped wearing jewellery and luxurious clothes. Now women of all sections of society began to look similar. Because of practical necessity clothes became shorter and without frills.

4. Women began to be employed in ammunition factories. This forced them to wear a uniform of blouse and trousers with scarves. Thus, uniform of blouse and trousers was replaced by Khaki overalls and caps. Sober colours were preferred as the war was on.

5. Clothes became simpler and more practical. Trousers became a common garment worn by women. Garments became austere and professional.

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