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Which of the following is correct with respect to the size of the storage units?
1. Terabyte < Petabyte < Exabyte < Zettabyte
2.  Petabyte < Exabyte < Zettabyte < Terabyte
3. Exabyte < Zettabyte < Terabyte < Petabyte
4. Zettabyte < Exabyte < Petabyte < Terabyte

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Terabyte < Petabyte < Exabyte < Zettabyte

The correct solution is "Terabyte< Petabyte< Exabyte< Zettabyte "

CPU consists of Memory or storage units that can store instructions, data, and intermediate results. This unit supplies information to other units of the computer when needed. It is also known as an internal storage unit or the main memory or primary storage or Random Access Memory (RAM).
  • Storage capacity is expressed in terms of Bytes. The data is represented as binary digits. (0s and1s).
  • Hierarchy is as follows:
    • Bit< Nibble< Byte< KB< MB< GB< TB< PB< XB< ZB< YB
 where KB stands for kilobyte
  • MB stands for megabyte
  • GB stands for gigabyte
  • TB stands for terabyte
  • PB stands for petabyte
  • XB stands for exabyte
  • ZB stands for zetabyte
  • YB stands for yottabyte
    4 bit           = 1 Nibble
    8 bit           = 1 byte
   1024 byte   = 1 KB
   1024 KB     = 1MB
   1024 MB    =  1GB
   1024 GB    =  1TB
   1024 TB     =  1PB
   1024 PB     =   1XB
   1024 XB     =   1ZB
   1024 ZB     =   1YB

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