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In which of the following is the body of the plant differentiated into roots, stems and leaves?
1. Funaria
2. Cara
3. Marcilia
4. Markensia

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Marcilia

The correct answer is Marcilia.

  • Plants belonging to the 'PTERIDOPHYTA' group are differentiated into true roots, stems, and leaves.

  • They are the first plants that have a vascular system.
  • The examples of the pteridophytes plants are Fern, Horsetail, Psilotum, Azolla, Isoetes, Marsilea, Salvinia, Selaginella, Equisetum, Pteridium, etc.

  • Funaria is a genus of approximately 210 species of moss.
  • Species in this genus are known as cord-mosses because of the rope-like way in which the stalk twists and curls with changes in humidity.
  • The specific epithet 'hygrometric' refers to the hygroscopic nature of the seta.
  • Chara is freshwater, green alga found submerged in shallow water ponds, tanks, lakes, and slow running water.
  • They are called stoneworts because the plants can become encrusted in lime (calcium carbonate) after some time.
  • The "stem" is actually a central stalk consisting of a giant, multinucleated cells.
  • Marchantia, a genus of liverworts (creeping ribbonlike plants) in the order Marchantiales, commonly found on moist clay or silty soils, especially on recently burned land throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

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