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Which of the following options describe Information which is sent over networks in small units?
1. Sectors
2. Clusters
3. Packets
4. Frames

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Packets

The correct answer is Packets.

  • A packet contains a source, destination, data, size, and other useful information that helps the packet make it to the appropriate location and get reassembled properly.
  • The information from the computer is sent over the networks in small units known as packets.
  • Data transferred over the Internet is sent as one or more packets. The most common packet sent is the TCP packet.

  • The packet is a term first coined by Donald Davies in 1965. 
  • It is used to describe a segment of data sent from one computer or device to another over a network.
  • The size of a packet is limited, so most data sent over a network is broken up into multiple packets before being sent out and then put back together when received.
  • When a packet is transmitted over a network, network routers and switches examine the packet and its source to help direct it to the correct location.

Term Meaning
Sectors A division of a storage medium on a hard drive or diskette that is a wedge-shaped section of one of the circular tracks.
Clusters A cluster or file allocation unit is the smallest managed section of a hard drive that holds a file.
Frames A frame is an edge or border that resembles a physical frame you would find around a picture.


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