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Silicon forms a compound with hydrogen consisting of a chain of ____ atoms.
1. 8 or 9
2. 5 or 6
3. 6 or 7
4. 7 or 8

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : 7 or 8

The correct answer is 7 or 8.

  • Carbon has the ability to form bonds with other carbon atoms which results in the formation of larger molecules.
  • This unique property of Carbon to form chains of atoms of a particular element is known as Catenation.
  • These carbon atoms may be single-bonded or contain double or triple bonds.  
  • Carbon atoms that are linked by single bonds are known as saturated compounds.
  • On the other hand, Carbon atoms that are linked by double or triple bonds are unsaturated compounds.
  • Silicon forms a compound with hydrogen which has chains of up to seven or eight atoms. But, these compounds are highly reactive.

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