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List I List II
 1. Laxmi   Swaminathan  i. Hoisted the flag at Gowalia   tank Maidan in 1942
 2. Madam Cama  ii. Attempted to assassinate   Governor Jackson
 3. Aruna Asaf Ali  iii. Led the INA women's   brigade
 4. Bina Das  iv. Unfurled the national flag for   the first time on foreign soil

1. 1 - i, 2 - ii, 3 - iii, 4 - iv
2. 1 - iv, 2 - ii, 3 - iii, 4 - i
3. 1 - iii, 2 - i, 3 - iv, 4 - ii
4. 1 - iii, 2 - iv, 3 - i, 4 - ii

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : 1 - iii, 2 - iv, 3 - i, 4 - ii

The correct answer is 1 - iii, 2 - iv, 3 - i, 4 - ii.

  • Laxmi Swaminathan:
    • Lakshmi Sehgal was an activist of the Indian independence struggle and an officer of the Indian National Army (INA).
    • Subhash Chandra Bose not only sought to induct fighting men into his Azad Hind Fauz but also women with the same mettle and determination. 
    • He set up a women’s regiment which would be henceforth known as the Rani of Jhansi Regiment. Dr Lakshmi Swaminathan took up the mantle of Captain Lakshmi, an identity she would carry for the rest of her life.
  • Madam Cama:
    • Bhikaiji Rustom Cama was a prominent figure in the Indian Independence Struggle.
    • Bhikaiji Cama spoke at length about the devastating effects of British Colonialism at Stuttgart, Germany in 1907. These effects included constant famine and crippling taxes that had ripped the Indian economy to shreds. It was during this event when she unfurled the “Flag of Independence”.
    • For this act, she came to be known as the Mother of the Indian Revolution.
  • Aruna Asaf Ali:
    • Aruna Asaf Ali was a freedom fighter who rose to prominence during the Quit India Movement.
    • She is known as the ‘Grand Old Lady of Indian Independence’ for her role in the freedom struggle.
    • Despite major leaders and many workers of the party being in jail, Aruna Asaf Ali led the remainder of the party and unfurled the Congress flag at Gowalia Tank Maidan, marking the beginning of the Quit India Movement.
  • ​Bina Das:
    • She was one of the most daring women revolutionaries of Bengal, she was associated with the revolutionary Jugantar party.
    • On 6 February 1932, when the governor of Bengal, Sir Stanley Jackson, was delivering his convocation address at the University of Calcutta, she fired him with a pistol, but narrowly missed.
    • She was arrested and sentenced to prison for 9 years.

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