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Which of the following is an advantage of nuclear power plants?
1. The maintenance cost is always low.
2. Its capital cost is always high.
3. The disposal of fission products is smooth.
4. Its operation is more reliable.

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Its operation is more reliable.

Advantages of Nuclear Power Plant:

  • The amount of fuel required is quite small. Therefore, there is a considerable saving in the cost of fuel transportation.
  • A nuclear power plant requires less space as compared to any other type of the same size.
  • It has low running charges as a small amount of fuel is used for producing bulk electrical energy.
  • This type of plant is very economical for producing bulk electric power or well suited to meet large power demands.
  • It can be located near the load centers because it does not require large quantities of water and need not be near coal mines. Therefore, the cost of primary distribution is reduced.
  • They give better performance at high load factors (80 percent to 90 percent)
  • There are large deposits of nuclear fuels available all over the world. Therefore, such plants can ensure a continued supply of electrical energy for thousands of years.
  • It ensures the reliability of operation.

Disadvantages of Nuclear Power Plant:

  • The fuel used is expensive and is difficult to recover.
  • The capital cost on a nuclear plant is very high as compared to other types of plants.
  • The erection and commissioning of the plant require greater technical know-how.
  • The fission by-products are generally radioactive and may cause a dangerous amount of radioactive pollution.
  • Maintenance charges are high due to lack of standardization. Moreover, high salaries of specially trained personnel employed to handle the plant further raise the cost.
  • Nuclear power plants are not well suited for varying loads as the reactor does not respond to the load fluctuations efficiently.
  • The disposal of the by-products, which are radioactive, is a big problem. They have either to be disposed off in a deep trench or in a sea away from sea-shore.

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