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Which of the following statement(s) is/are true?

I. During inhalation ribs move out

II. During exhalation ribs move in

1. Both I and II
2. Neither I nor II
3. Only II
4. Only I

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Both I and II
  • During inhalation, the muscles contract and move the ribs upwards and outwards.
  • This increases the size of the chest and decreases the air pressure inside it which sucks air into the lungs.
  • During exhalation, the intercostal muscles relax so the ribs move inwards and downwards.

  • The following table shows the distinction between inhalation and exhalation:



The term inhalation refers to the intake of air into the lungs.

The term exhalation refers to the expelling air out of the lungs.

In this process, the size of the chest increases and expands.

In this process, the size of the chest decreases and reduces.

The volume of the lungs rises to cause inflation.

The volume of the lungs reduces which causes deflation.

During the process of inhalation, the ribs move outwards and upwards.

During the process of exhalation, the ribs move downwards.

It supplies oxygen-rich air to the blood.

It gives out carbon dioxide from the blood.

The air pressure decreases.

The air pressure increases.

The air inhaled by human beings and animals is a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen.

The air exhaled by human beings and animals is a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

At the time of inhalation the diaphragm contracts and gets flattened by moving downward.

At the time of exhalation, the diaphragm relaxes and moves up forming a dome-like shape.

It is an active process.

It is a passive process.

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