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In ancient India, the eligibility criterion in respect of age for students seeking admission to Takshila University was set at
1. 22 yars
2. 20 years
3. 18 years
4. 16 years

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : 16 years
  • There were leading centres of Education in the form of Universities in Ancient India which even attracted worldwide students due to its excellent Teaching methodologies and renowned faculties.
  • Ancient Universities were mostly spread across the Northern India which received royal patronage from the kingdoms in which they were situated.


  • It was credited to be the world's first University situated at the ancient site of Taxila (modern-day Punjab province of Pakistan).
  • It flourished from 600 BC-500AD.
  • Subjects taught were grammar,philosophy,medicine,politics,warfare,astronomy,commerce,music,vedas.
  • More than 10,500 students from all over the world studied here.
  • The age eligibility criterion was set at 16 years after students had completed their basic education in their local institutions.
  • Renowned Teachers of this University includes Kautilya, Panini, Jivak and Vishnu Sharma.
  • Arthashastra (the text on administration and statecraft) by Kautilya was written here.
  • India's first emperor Chandragupta was a student of Takshila University.

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