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Which of the following is included in stage 2 of a productive computer session?

I. Explain the purpose of the work

II. Ensuring that the children are not at work

1. Only I
2. Both I and II
3. Neither I nor II
4. Only II

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Only II

Integrating Information and Communication Technology (ICT): ICT is broadly defined as a process of using any ICT tools (including information resources on the web, multimedia programs in CD-ROMs) to enhance student learning. In the classroom, it is a challenging task for any teacher today. Operational knowledge of ICT alone cannot help you to use ICT in the classroom. You must have the fundamental ideas about the systematic ways (how and when) to integrate ICT in the classroom. 

Stages of ICT (use of computer session):

  • Stage 1: Before the computer/tablet/mobile session: At the first stage, teachers and students need to discover ICT tools and their general functions and uses. Hence, the emphasis is usually on ICT literacy and basic skills. Discovering ICT tools is linked to the emerging stage in ICT development. In this stage, the teacher explains the purpose of using a computer along with encouraging pupils to focus on the topic for learning and also explains the tasks or basic skills in using a computer.
  • Stage 2: During the computer/tablet/mobile session: The second stage involves learning how to use ICT tools and beginning to make use of them in different disciplines. This involves the use of general as well as particular applications of ICT, and it is linked with the applying stage in the ICT development model. In this session, children are not allowed to do the work since they are told how tools are used.
  • Stage 3: The computer/tablet/mobile session: In the third stage, there is an understanding of how and when to use ICT tools to achieve a particular purpose, such as in completing a given project. This stage implies the ability to recognize situations where ICT will be helpful, choosing the most appropriate tools for a particular task, and using these tools in combination to solve real problems. This is linked with the infusing stage in the ICT development model.
  • Stage 4: After the computer/tablet/mobile session: The fourth stage is when the learning situation is transformed through the use of ICT. This is a new way of approaching teaching and learning situations with specialized ICT tools, and it is linked with the transforming stage in the ICT development model.

Hence, we conclude that to ensure that children are not at work is included in stage 2 of a productive computer session.

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